Yoga Classes

Blossom Yoga offers Svaroopa® yoga - a different approach to working with your body focusing on "core release" and decompression of the spine.

We use precise alignments that target specific areas of your spine, and you will be individually propped to meet the tension in your body – support allows tight muscles to soften and release.

Classes are generally small - 6 to 10 students - to allow for personal attention and assistance - and are appropriate for students of all skill levels - from newcomers to experienced practitioners.

Many students experience a difference in their bodies and/or relief from pain after just one class.

How Can Yoga Benefit Me?

Increase flexibility and strength

Reduce stress

Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

Regain bone density

Reduce high blood pressure

Decrease anxiety and depression

Improve circulation and digestion

Quiet your mind

Sleep better

Deepen your connection to spirit