Meditation Classes  

Yoga and Meditation

4 Weekly 90-minute classes


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Learn to meditate!

Science continues to uncover the many benefits of a meditation practice - physical, mental and emotional. In this class series you will learn and practice simple but reliable techniques to make meditation deep and easy from the beginning. Each class will also include a short sequence of yoga poses to relax your body and prepare it for seated meditation.

Classes will include:

  • Yoga Poses
  • Breathing Practice
  • Guided Body Awareness
  • Yogic Philosophy
  • Seated Meditation Practice
  • Time for Discussion

 This class is open to all - no experience necessary.

Class size is limited, please register in advance.

Want to schedule a private group class? Gather 4 - 8 people and let us know when you'd like to meet.

Here's what one student had to say about her meditation class:

"Before taking classes at Blossom Yoga, I read a lot about benefits of Meditation. I definitely wanted to try meditation, but I wanted to take a class that was offered locally.

Of course there are so many books and CDs out there that teach you step by step how to meditate, but there is something more intangible when you take a class with a group of people. I think it might be the positive energy that creates a better outcome.

I have to say that when I first started practicing, I was not successful. Sometimes I would sit down and meditate and it would actually make me anxious, so I stopped for a while, but knowing how beneficial meditation could be I decided to try again.

Then I remembered what Louise said, “It requires patience and commitment”, and then I began to practice again with renewed energy.

Now, I have been meditating for couple months and it has changed my life. I meditate twice a day, once in the morning after I wake up and again at night before I go to bed.

I used to have a problem falling asleep and sleeping in general and now, after mediation, it has improved my sleeping habits dramatically.

Our lives are full of stress and I think meditation is very beneficial for people who are prone to stress because it allows you to slow down, relax and look at things differently. "

N.D., Fort Walton Beach