About Us

Louise Davis, a resident of Fort Walton Beach, has completed over 1,000 hours of yoga training and is a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher. Louise is also a Certified Embodyment® Yoga Therapist and a reiki practitioner. She is a Certified SvaroopaVidya® Meditation Teacher, having completed in excess of 100 hours of training and she continues her studies under Swami Nirmalanda Saraswati (formerly Rama Berch) with SvaroopaVidya Ashram.

In recent years, Louise has expanded her training in the Roll Model Method of self-myofascial release, the MELT Method and Relief Through Rolling - all of which focus on fascia - the connective tissue system of the body - a field which enhances and complements her yoga teachings.

Before becoming a Yoga Teacher, Louise was a corporate tax accountant and CPA. She understands how the pressures of work and home can put your body into a state of stress that is not compatible with long-term health and well-being. Louise left the corporate world to help others to find the serenity they seek. She would love to help you also.


Some of my favorite websites and sources for styles/methods taught at Blossom Yoga:

SvaroopaVidya® Ashram - Home of Svaroopa®Yoga. Loads of free downloads about yoga philosophy and more.

Yoga Tune Up - Home of the Roll Model Method. Great yoga/self-care blog.

MELT Method- Home of the MELT Method - small soft balls and foam rollers.

Relief Through Rolling- Home of foam rolling techniques based on the ROLF Method.

Nutritious Movement- Source of many restorative exercises and a great blog: Katy Says.